Prisca Emily Mwakalasi

I participated in the YEP program in Arusha in 2017. At that time, I was doing my business, cakes & bites, from home. My house existed of two rooms, one of them I used for cooking. I didn’t have a fridge or big oven, only a small one. During the YEP program I brought my own cakes & bites in order for YEP staff to taste and I made birthday cakes for students. The quality was very good and YEP Tanzania decided to hire me to do the catering service for the YEP program in 2018. During the program I daily delivered breakfast for up to 60 students and provided lunch for the teachers every day. My bites for breakfast are various (Danish, cinnamon roles, chapati) and fresh every day. With the profit of this catering service I purchased a fridge, a freezer, a big oven and some other cooking equipment. And also with that money I am planning to open my own restaurant soon.

Until now I didn’t obtain a loan, I managed to expand my business by myself, using the entrepreneurial skills and coaching the received from YEP Tanzania.