Peter Ngollo

I am Peter Ngollo I am 25yrs old and I have an agrovet shop. My shop is located at Ipanga center of the small village at Nguge , Mwaniko ward Misungwi Mwanza. My shop is the only agrovet shop in this village.

I sell medicine for animals and seeds/ pesticides for agriculture. My business is doing well and improving, my stock is increasing day to day. Total startup stock was 1.6 million Tzs, now the value of stock is 4 million Tzs. Due to my good business and increased sales I also started another business that is Hair cutting saloon in the same location. Thanks to the YEP training I know my customer profile and needs of my customers very well. My location is near to my customers so no transport for them, sometimes I deliver products to customers after receiving a call from them.

My customers are farmers from the village I live in, together with the farmers from the nearest villages of Mwaniko and Mondo. I do promotion by giving discount to all customers who buy more than one product.

My Mission

I am planning to a start local café near where i live.

Peter Ngollo

  • Agrovet
  • Misungwi, Mwanza region