Government Partnership – YEP Tanzania

YEP Tanzania works together with the government in Rombo, Musingwi and Dodoma. In Rombo we started in december 2014 to develop an new program which is supported by the District Government. We were invited by the DC at that time to start the program and the government supplied two members of their staff to be part of the program management team. These relation is continued upto now and the contribution of the Rombo government to the program growing step by step.
The government of Misungwi invited us to start an program in december 2015. In january 2016 we started with the promotion of the program in Musingwi district and in march 70 students started with the basic training. The Misungwi government provides inkind and financial support to the program.
In Dodoma municipale the government is supporting YEP tanzania and the Don Bosco VTC by creating or finding an strong saccos who is able to sub it the loans to start ups and make sure that the loans are be paid back. The funds for the loans will be supplied by the national and International funds.