Computer & Practical

Part of the training is to empower the students on the computer. They learn how to use a desktop or laptop (YEP had laptops and desktops available where the students can practice on, even after the training). The students also learn how to open, write and save a Word document. Furthermore we teach them on how to use Excel for their own bookkeeping.

For example students who are dealing with farming will do an internship at a greenhouse. In Arusha we cooperated with a local greenhouse. Two of our students there who are farmers did an internship of 3 weeks. During that internship they learned a lot on building and managing a greenhouse.

Furthermore two of our students in Arusha who have an electricity shop did an internship of 3 weeks at an electronic repair company. There they learned many things, such as installing software and repairing smart phones and laptops.

Another example for practical tailor made classes are the special classes. We had a special class for bakery (given by a former student) and a class on learning how to make food for fish.