Our History

In December 2006 a group of young people from the Netherlands visited Sengerema (Tanzania) as volunteers in order to help youth to write a business plan. They believed that supplying people with knowledge and insights on how to run a business would help them to improve their lives by creating sustainable income with their own shop. They came back every year to train new youth. After 2 years they developed their approach by starting supplying small loans as well because with only the plans the youth where not able to start anything serious. Also the first graduate students were involved in training the new youth. The origin of the NGO YEP Tanzania (Young Entrepreneurs Program) is based on those students.

The training is developed on the job and adapted to the needs of the youth who received a training. Computer classes where added and also special skill classes like negotiation, bakery, building and running a greenhouse making food for chicken or fish. We believe that we self are entrepreneurs as well because we adapt our service offering to the needs of our students. In 2019 we have a strong team of role model trainers who have (had) their own business and followed the classes before.

Our aim is to empower this team, to share our knowledge on training entrepreneurship with more people and to make this training available for others as well, in order to support youth in Tanzania to become successful business men and business women to improve their lives by creating sustainable income with their shop.